The units at Wornal Park are built to the highest standards, and range from 167 sq.m to 2645 sq.m. They provide office/light industrial (B1) industrial (B2) and warehouse (B8) premises, providing solutions to most business needs.

Of course, most businesses require more than one type of accommodation. One of the great strengths of Wornal Park is the way that units can be tailored to your particular business. If you need a combination of units, the park has the flexibility to provide it, and if you want to fit out a unit to provide a particular layout or to give you a combination of facilities we can work with you to find the solution.

a well connected location

Businesses at Wornal Park are supported by a full range of services, including telecommunications and internet links, and mains water and sewage services. The park has its own one megawatt transformer, ensuring ample 3 phase electrical capacity for manufacturing and other energy intensive businesses.

There is generous parking for cars and for distribution vehicles and easy access even for the largest articulated lorries. It’s the ideal combination of facilities. It ensures that Wornal Park offers all the amenities and ease of access of a prime business and industrial park, but with the additional benefit of an attractive rural setting.

With beautifully maintained landscaped surroundings set amidst farmland, Wornal Park can provide the quality environment your business needs.