Wornal Park forms part of the former site of a World War II RAF airfield. Today it is a purpose-built business park, providing a superior business environment. An exceptionally broad range of business units range from starter units, offices, warehousing, storage and engineering workshops.

All benefit from a site which is scrupulously maintained with landscaped grounds, and ample parking, and which provides room for growth. The flexible approach to building and letting has created an environment capable of growing, developing and adapting to meet tenants’ needs. There are many reasons why businesses choose Wornal Park.

There is the location: the M40 is just minutes away. Costs are substantially below those of town centre premises which means businesses can afford the square footage they need.

And above all there is the environment; Wornal Park is surrounded by rolling fields, providing a better, healthier place to work. It helps attract the best staff and it ensures a better impression for clients and customers when they visit.

Since the park opened in 2002, a wide range of businesses have come to Wornal Park. There’s room for your business too!

a personal approach to management

”I own as well as manage the site. So naturally it’s in my interest to make sure it looks superb and gives the people who run their businesses here the environment and facilties they need. I take a hands on approach. It means I can help tenants with their plans, and if you need to move to something bigger or smaller as your plans change, I can work with you to help provide the solution.“

Owner and manager of Wornal Park